Bin¢ent II

Bin¢ent II is a programmed digital controller experiment with pictorial processes through purely digital methods applied to the similar action of painting a picture. The work suggests the need to re-evaluate the current parameters defining the styles and labels used for the classification of the painting and the monetization of this, when the artist ceases to be human and rational intention exists no longer.
For this, it has readapted large format printer, giving autonomy in determining their actions, placing the result in a blurred area between industrialized manufacturing a product and a unique and unrepeatable piece.
From a plotter in use, Gonzalo Ramírez has pulled out all unnecessary components reducing the structure to a minimum functionality: X axis travel in the car printhead and Y axis in the paper feed mechanism. These mechanisms are reconditioned in the X axis, mount a 5-axis robot arm motion, capable of simulating the gestures of arm / wrist / hand. The Y-axis motion is moved to a vertical plane using a lift system as an elevator, a frame holding mechanism + canvas. The union movement capabilities of the X + Y let you position the head (brush on the end of the robotic arm) in any Cartesian position of the canvas, which added to the joint itself provides a wide range of motion in the gesture attack / paint. The control mechanism described above is determined by a wide range of parameters / variables innate to a digital system which describes and interact to give life to the movement of the entire system.

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