Creative Experiences

Creative Experiences is a space for linking  the public with finished or in developing projects from audiovisual production companies, laboratories, SMEs, associations, netlabels, digital publishing, emerging collectives, Chilean agents who work in innovation, multimedia, video games, clean energy, interactive cinema, gadgets, mobile applications, immersion spaces, among others.

The goal is to bring the community new ways to create and participate in responsible markets and economies, based on the awareness of the need to evolve the ways to interact with the resources, and an intelligent and democratic use of new technologies.

It is a space where cutting edge technological initiatives will be announced with a high degree of creativity. Entrepreneurs that favor the use of new economical methodologies and noninvasive market strategies, which are committed to sustainable growth, are called.

It consists of two contexts:

a) Instance for dialogue, exchange and conversation,

b) Instance for the display of prototypes, projects and undertakings.

Both are configured as an integral context that enhance projects related to the intersection of art, science, technology, digital culture, web applications, practical problem solving, among others.

Venue: Salón José Miguel Blanco
11:00 hrs. Smog (MotionGraphics and Film Titles Design / cl)
11:45 hrsFluor Films (MotionGraphics and Animation / cl)
12:30 hrs. Grymo (MotionGraphics and short filmss / cl)
13:15 hrs. Questions and answers
13:45 a 15:00 hrs. Break
15:00 hrs. ONG Derechos Digitales (Internet Activism / cl)
15:30 hrs. Totoral Lab (Pine Energy and Land Art / cl)
16:15 hrsYto Aranda (Visual artist, / cl)
17:00 hrsTaller Dinamo (Interaction design / cl)
18:00 hrs. Espacio Ajeno (Interaction design / cl)
18:45 hrs. Questions and answers