BAM Team

We are a group of people with very different types of knowledge that seeks to promote and manage a regular showcase on the domestic and international audiovisual areas and new media, promotes the encounter between artists and cares for the category to address the theoretical challenges of contemporary art and the relationship with new technologies.

The management team of this 11th version is:

Enrique Rivera – General Director

Catalina Ossa – Executive Director

Loa Bascuñán – Executive Coordinator

Mónica Araus – Field Producer

Paula Pedreira – Production Assistant

Martin Kaulen – Content Manager and Direction Assistance

Manuela Jacard – Communications & outreach

Antonia Goycoolea – Contents edition and Colloquium coordintation

Pablo Ortuzar – Curatorial Committee and Workshop coordination

Mirko Petrovic – Technical Director

Pablo Brugnoli – Museology

Josefina Maria Gonzalez – Museology production 

Luz Sorolla – Graphic design and Web Development

Uwe Schmidt – Curatorial Committee

Natalia Monsalve – Design Assistance
Bruno Jara – Design Assistance

For more information:


Twitter: @bienal_bam


Mail: [email protected]