Curatorial Statement

The curatorial approach reflects on the intertwined fields of art and science that respond to a social, cultural, economical and political contingency. Their concern is based on the human being as an integral body, faced by the third industrial (or scientific) revolution, in a context of continued survival. Surrounded by the electromagnetic and transgenic post-industrial ghosts, the survival of human beings on Earth is threatened.
The curatorial concepts are in dialogue with the past two biennials Media Resistance and Deus Ex Media. The concept of AUTONOMY along with the concept of resistance is understood as a manifesto that installs a position on the commodification of art and culture, as opposed to its transforming capacity of human will. The curatorial concept Deus Ex Media is related to the present biennial by his provocation towards the work’s significance with respect to the technology with which it is produced.
Both instances have had as its reflection axis the limits of experimental audiovisual production, but above all, they have had an attitude of critical reflection about the methodologies associated to the use of science and technology in the arts. In the 11 BAM, AUTONOMY is an invocation to the force present in the production communities of the experimental visual arts, where hacktivism and permaculture, representatives of this cutting edge trend, practice the invention and powerful management of emancipation tools.
AUTONOMY reflects the human ability of participating proactively and creatively in the social context, evoking the need for coordinated interaction with other living beings. The concept is installed at a sensitive time of Chilean politics, since it is developed prior to the presidential and parliamentary elections, where the concept of participation is powerfully present on the social framework.
Fernando Godoy · Mr. Trafixxx · Matthew Neary · Máximo Corvalán · Claudia González · Rodrigo Araya · Francisca García · Javier González Pesce · Ignacio Cuevas · Horacio Larraín · Gabriel del Favero · Regina de Miguel · Carolina Pino · Camilo Yañez · Merced · Ivan Navarro · Gonzalo Ramirez · Alejandra Pérez · Michael Saup · Sebastián Jatz · Enrique Ramirez · Carolina Ibarra · Joaquin Cociña · Nicolás Rupcich · La Fuerza del Remolino · Cristian Lira.
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