Francisca García

FRANCISCA GARCIA, 1969, Santiago – Chile.
Lives and works in Santiago de Chile.
Study Bachelor of Arts, Catholic University of Chile, Filmmaking, Film School Chile.
He has participated in national and international exhibitions, among which are: 2010 Chili L’envers du décor, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris, France. IV International Art Biennale Beijing, Beijing, China. 2009 Seventh Biennial of Mercosur, Cry and Escuta, Porto Alegre, Brazil. THREE YEAR CHILE, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.2008 Antarktikos, Puntángeles Gallery, Valparaiso, Chile (individual). Signal Lights, AFA Gallery, Santiago, Chile (individual) 2007 Daniel Lopez Show, Roebling Hall, New York, United Unidos.2006 Rundum die Landschaft, Kunstverein Ahlen, Germany (individual). Open Studio, Post Office Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina.2005 TRANSFORMER, Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile .. 2003 Photography, Festival Internazionale di Roma II Mercati di Traiano, Rome, Italy. 2002 I Fortaleza Biennale, De ponta cabeça, Fortaleza, Brasil.2001 Policy Difference, Latin American Art of the century, Convention Hall, Recife, Brazil. Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2000 Seventh Biennial of Art in Havana, Cuba.

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