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9.OVNI PBK9                           This project, develops a metaphorical dialogue on espionage between two times. Time past and hidden behind the Iron Curtain and our current time. The term Unidentified Flying Object, the acronym UFO, is used here as a metaphor for the inability to declassify and make public, documents pertaining to security-privacy-of a nation. The sample project documents, photographs and other files peculiar objects of the world of espionage, given the inability of these are completely legible, for in them lies an essential part of information.

These documents have been collected since 2007, then visited the strengths of Rio de Janeiro, guided by historical readings and a handful of books. Among these, Guerre Secrète sous les Oceans, bought in a Brazilian sebum. The book explains in a newspaper, inventions and revolutions in the world of war and espionage by sea with an international sense, starting from Peral submarine to the latest inventions of underwater espionage.

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