Simone chmabelland

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Simone Chambelland ‘s prints from the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts reflects the space race as a visual reference of an era of rapid technological advances and how the structures of the ferries and ships, mainly arising from functional purposes possess formal aspects aesthetically appealing, they are part of a visual code established in the collective unconscious. Chambelland´s work  approaches different ideas , including studies of spatial objects and a ship that contains a university in it that she calls «university of space.»
Simone Chambelland Lachapelle, painter and printmaker. Born in Paris, France on July 14, 1921. He died in Santiago in May 2013. She studied at the Ecole de Paris and La Grand Chaumiere. She moved to Chile in 1939, entered the School of Fine Arts at the University of Chile and took courses in Graphic Printmaking in Workshop 99. She served as professor of drawing and painting in various cultural institutes.

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