Podcast: radial Translations


Part of the Transarte program proposed by the French Institute

The device «Podcast: radial Translations» is a theatrical ongoing investigation which involves rebroadcasting and direct translation by an actor on stage of certain conferences and radio broadcasts of RadioFrance (French public radio) programming  whose contents collaborate in the transmission of thought and creation. To these emissions may join conferences on science and philosophy of the French National Library. In a recent meeting with officials of broadcast of this space, we have found a common interest in trying this translation experience where displacement and transmission intersect and collaborate.
In the context of the Biennale, we would like to start this with the issue «On the backs of Darwin», of the science researcher Jean Claude Ameisen, to whom is dedicated this exercise.
The actor on stage will translate the radio program. The performance space will arise from our work in progress where we operate by poetic resonances and analogies arising from the contents of the broadcast. The translation goes through the body and bounce of mental space in mental space.
To give body, presence and consistency to thought, to operationalize the thought from sensible presence, the actor turns into physical and linguistic relay, active and present reflection occurring in another person, in another place and another time is the attempt.
This allows intervention by another, that being touched by another refects, at the same time, to an audience without which this operation would not have existence. The audience is here not a group of people, but a temporary community, representing a world.

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