Physical web – open source


Installing a web page in physical space to be accessed (browsed) by the public (users). The work moves the virtual nature and the complex structure of a web page to the physical space, which, like complex numbers, has two dimensions: visual, ie the representation we see in the browser and the source code or language HTML (HyperText Markup Language or Hypertext Markup Language), which, written in text, contains or supports the previous dimension. The staircase acts as a framework to deploy physical space, in itself, the different levels of this duality that shows the structure of HTML. In its steps are the two dimensions: visual and code footprint in the riser. People, to make use of the stairs, passing through both dimensions, like the pointer or mouse. This work tries to open source and non-experts scheduling through the Spanish translation and redefinition of certain «tags» of HTML. Although it is one of the most used programming languages ​​for the construction and development of web pages today, the user, who usually interacts with the representation of the code, it sees it.

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