Within this space that you can walk thru, is displayed a collection of videos animated  with a logo loop  of the movie company Paramount Pictures, along with photos, text and information relating to the logo of the production house. This collection includes its history since its creation in 1923, through many of its modifications and variables, up to the current animated logo. At the entrance of this interior is a series of backpacks, which can be used by spectators as they walk to show videos within the large parallelepiped. Thus, the stars peek out on the structure to be at the height of the mountain of paper mache, where they can be seen by those outside of the structure. When the suggested route, spectators reconstructed so precarious, temporary and volumetric what happens in the videos displayed inside. They make the stars revolve around the mountain, as in the Paramount logo. This paper proposes the construction of an exhibition space, which has the ability to replicate the object that displays the extent that is put into operation.

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