History is a young girl who moves with her eyes closed in the dark showing her hands confidently deployed as a canopy, being that your eyes need to be guided in the darkness. Surely he has a history, certainly is subjected to the force of the pioneers who have blown the walk. Possibly the only thing that guides its course is the certainty that the collective future is yours also, is the consciousness of actant known actor and his performance is that of many, but in a scene where the agon must complete each.
Art is a four letter word. Film is a four letter word. Both share a letter and it closes every word. But cinema to become art had to leave her but shed its design RNI (Representative, Narrative and Industrial [1]). The artists of the early twentieth century were able to alter this order and convert it into kinetic art in collage, in poetry, in metaphysical hallucination in imminent images [2]. Today still doing video.
Celebration of subversive ritual: the energy released naked consciences, it becomes more lucid and precise. Emancipatory gregariousness Carnival: overwhelming force, which guides like an action policy imposing stage.
Creating pure intuitively known history.

[1] «The term indicates the unit NRI confusing to see, count and mode of production» Eizykman, Claudine. The jouissance-Cinerma, 10/18, 1976, Paris.
[2] «The Aesthetics without account-anthropology and aesthetics of the imminent» García Canclini, Nestor. Katz, 2010, Buenos Aires.

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