Dénouement (Outcome)

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 12.00.04 AMThis video presents the act of tying a black sewing thread several meters to a snowy landscape. The writing is of a high thinness, floating between drawing and volume. The short black wire cuts the white area into two, dividing the screen into a diptych. The camera shows a reverse angle of a black-clad body in a symmetrical relationship. The approach is very short, so that the sharpness area focuses on the crimped fibers that move near the camera lens. Like the alarm wire that connects the spider to its network, the link set probes in empty space that separates the black silhouette of the viewer. It shows the movement of the hands on the camera. Gradually, the body goes into the field of the image. As it progresses, the video comes to an end: the plane of the space becomes deeper, the area turns into a white landscape and the line becomes volume. Knot formation looks like a wrapping operation, a wound by condensation of the space crossed, as if to hold the reel in our hands we were integrating the space in us.

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