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Video Installation, 2013.
The project consists of a 4-min video. approx. duration in which the protagonist is the landscape of southern Chile. The video shows the operation of these images in a way that highlights the artificiality and instability images of aestheticized landscape idea.
As the video develops the images are removed slowly. The intervention consists of a «block» color black generating a landscape surface topography cut until the images end up completely in black. The intervention targeted 3D mapping field and then intervening with a volume that moves slowly blocking the visible image.
What we see eventually is similar to the logic of the fade-out, the difference here is that not only is the two-dimensional image that melts in the black, but the field is what gets gradually covered. Thus the field of landscape and its parallel image condition are clogged. In the play, we see how the black cover cancells the projection images of light and finally expands this visual blockage of the «screen» of darkness covering the physical space where we stand, the latter becoming a member of the installation. Thus, establishing a link between the space we observe in design and in which we find ourselves.
The images represent geographical landmarks relevant national landscape at a time can have resonance elsewhere. The project seeks to raise a position on the current condition of the images and the territory. The slow elimination of the landscape and the projection itself, graph a condition of wear and instability which ultimately can be understood under a romantic optic as a key member of the identity of a nation: the landscape.
The intersection of the image and the territory is covered and intervened directly so that shows through the paradox between landscape and territory image. With this lock operation within an abstract and concrete logic, can be understood dystopian posture in the project, the development of the work in time comprises the removal of the images, the landscape and of itself.

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