Ultima Esperanza art collective

ULTIMA ESPERANZA (last hope) is an experimental art collective born in 2004 in the Chilean sub-Antarctic territory ( Punta Arenas , Puerto Natales ) . Directed by Sandra artists and Nathaniel Alvarez Ulloa , who invite each to draft one or more artists from various disciplines to explore concepts such as identity and memory. For a year working with the Artists Eduardo Velasquez and Marco Martinez on his new project HIDROPOÉTICA with which traveling the glaciers in the region.
ULTIMA ESPERANZA exhibited in Chile, Argentina , Mexico , USA, Spain and Germany. From 2009-2011 have collaborated on a series of video pieces dance and transmedia experiences . Currently besides » Hidropoética » the group is in the development of a project called LIQUENLAB , which consists of a series of artistic residences that promote contemporary art projects promoting the relationship between art and science using technology as a means of exploratory and expressive.
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