Francisco Ruiz de Infante

Francisco Ruiz de Infante, BA in Painting from the Faculty and Audiovisual Basque and l’ESNBA multimedia master of Paris, now a professor and coordinator of the research group Art Not Format Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin-HEAR – Strasbourg) and co-artistic director of Le Centre des Rives (a laboratory for contemporary art and documentary in rural context).
Artist «out of form», belongs to a generation whose sensitivity is marked by the encounter and confrontation of audio-visual equipment for the control and the divertimento, with other materials seemingly simple and everyday. Ruiz de Infante without complex juggling between «high tech» and «emergency DIY», trying to reconstruct the way memory works when fed this: using buggy envestidas information, or from images torrents recommence indefinitely.
In the universe of FRI (fragile constructions – devices – tours of facilities – still images – films – sounds – drawings – texts – performances – performances) abound dislocated spaces or construction status. Often disturbing, his works immerse the viewer in an intense physical and mental experience
In the field of the performing arts, collaboration (in the broadest sense of the term) with choreographer Loïc TOUZÉ («A Bloc» 1997 and «S’il already lieu» 1999) and composer Christian SEBILLE (since 2003 ) have been experiences necessary to invent more complex relationships with the viewer.
Currently working with the choreographer Olga MESA view the project stage and audiovisual «Carmen / Shakespeare» (2013-14)

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