Edith Dekyndt

Born in 1960, Ieper, Belgium. Lives and works in Belgium.
Edith Dekyndt craves changes in the states of matter, luminous irisation, ballets of dust, or yet fluid or aerial movements. She shows the marvelous concealed in the laws of physics without mathematical or Cartesian demonstration, but rather by giving free rein to individual curiosity. In Dekyndt’s work, the displacement responding to the motions of the liquid or of air is always a movement-generating figure. Just as François Mauriac who observed that “dust is not quite nothing,” Edith Dekyndt elaborates the perception of reality of a world in perpetual motion. The desire for mobility also brings about the changes in states (liquid/solid – visible/invisible) by relying on the immediacy of the sensible qualities even while revealing them. In her thirst for experimentation, Edith Dekyndt proposes situations capable of capturing the intuition of the instant.

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