Bureau d´études

The collective, founded in 2000, based in Paris, Bureau d’études, weaves a special tour between art, theory and research, recently made ​​a series of wall charts diagrams about property relations between states and transnational organizations, and synoptic view of global monetary game. Forms a shield is adorned with the names of the States, regulatory agencies, research centers, financial companies and corporations. Bureau d’études creates a unique coding information that transforms the military, intelligence agencies, arms manufacturers, satellite companies, telecommunications, defense agencies and media conglomerates, counter-information of the autonomous areas, manifestos and constitutions vocabularies of action and reflection. With its own aesthetic, these vocabularies are a powerful message to trace the dark side of capitalist positions, dissidents and anarchists. Their maps become collaboration tools to discover the global power relations, and social sharing tools to promote dialogue, education and truth. Since 2009 involved in the organization and development of a cultural factory on a farm in central France. Among his recent exhibitions include: Bunny Smach, Art and Design Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo (2013); Bonds, Guilt, Debts and Other Liabilities in Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2012), To the Arts, Citizens, curated by Joao Faria Oscar Fernandez, in Serralves Foundation, Portugal (2011).

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