Wonderful machine

Wonderful Machine is a site-specific installation with video transmission in real time from inside the Aesthetic Center Gallery, located at the intersection of Amapolas street with Eliezer Parada. The installation consists of a wall built with pinhole cameras that capture the inverted image of the sidewalk in front of the Aesthetic Center Gallery, as if a giant screen simultaneous fragmented into different shots of the same object. The images are arranged one beside the other are formed as a screen grid subdivided into modules almost identical. However, the variation of the image demonstrates the location of cameras and the result of this optical artifice. The visual analog assembly moves to the museum, by streaming, transforming its spatial nature, physical and material. The camera obscura when it repeats the image, modulated time and space, multiplying in analog, which invites procedures establish relationships with current digital technologies as decontextualized operations of its materiality, place and time.