La Casa Lobo / Taller-Set 1

Installation performance, 2013.
In the context of WOLF HOUSE´s production  (animation film frame by frame and work in progress) will move the production set of the film to a room of the National Museum of Fine Arts. The artists will be constantly working and visitors can see the work in progress, changes in the set and the temporary result. THE WOLF HOUSE  is a project  which makes the process a part of the work with multiple seasons and times. The first will be in Amsterdam at the Upstream Gallery, where there will be a video installation to show the completions to date. The second season will be at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in the context of the Biennial of  New Media, where the workshop-set is completely transferred to the museum, making the process of doing the work in a performance. This action is directly related to the strong presence of the materials in the project.