The INTEC was a multidisciplinary technologic research group that operated in Chile from 1968-1973. Founded with the purpose of acting as an active agent in the process of technological modernization of the production sector and services, was formed by different research groups to which they were asked to conduct applied research for the national industry. Industrial Design Group, headed by designer and professor at the German school of Ulm, Gui Bonsiepe, was commissioned to design and produce various objects, among which are:
Rationalization of crockery to the National Factory FANALOZA dish ware, the first calculator designed in Chile for export under the Andean Pact, agricultural machinery: seeder and harvester, plastic containers for food distribution, computer equipment for the National Computer and Information ECOM, turntables and modular systems for Broadcasting Industry IRT, furniture and equipment for basic housing CORVI housing Corporation, the continuation of the projects for the National Kindergarten Board developed JUNJI SERCOTEC, spoon for powdered milk in the context of «a pint of milk a day» of the «Forty First Steps» Popular Unity and the project SYNCO or Cybersyn.
The influence of Industrial Design Group INTEC was changing some everyday products, as was the first car designed in Chile, «Yagan» of Citroen and TV «Antu» IRT. Also emerged from the private area designed the first motorcycle in Chile, the «Motochi».
For more information visit Hugo Palmarola designer conference on «Industrial Design State in Chile 1968-1973»
tocadiscos IRT yagan calculadora cosechadora cuchara cybersyn fanaloza sembradora