Diminished Reality

Diminished Reality is the second stage of a gathering exercise urban stories. The first phase, begun in 2010, is marginal tragedies track intended from the outset, to be devoured by the insatiable appetite of oblivion. Drawing and painting traces unintelligible welcomed people without identity, found dead on the street and whose cases are closed without anyone knowing the cause of his brutal fate. The current project is focused on recognizing, contact and interact with people living in the downtown area of ​​Santiago, adjacent to the National Museum of Fine Arts. The reality of this group decreased diffuse and heterogeneous labeled commonly abbreviated as «marginalization», «social exclusion», «homeless», thwarts all attempts beforehand prototypical profile of homeless, especially when these are looked beyond of its economic shortcomings. The first step was to recognize in the everyday presences that demarcate public space from its status as permanent occupants. The project begins with two men of about 40 years and two women in their 35 and 50. His presence captures the attention, because seem to live in another time or in a parallel reality. Charged figures that questioning social conventions, causing attraction and repulsion. Daily, during the day of the BAM, we will try to make contacts that will be filed by way of drawings, audiovisual recording, web applications and documents, generating this information a core organizer of visibility to each individual. The body of work will be distributed via mail, upon registration, two hundred people the Fine Arts district, inviting them to participate in the dynamics of the process.