The sweet metal of your voice

IMG_1633 - copia
As a continuation of the work exhibited recently in Tajamar Gallery, now replacing dichroic focus that will be on the floor by the projection data of an animation with approximately three photos in b / w of an anonymous crowd Chilean in the early 70’s.
These images belong to photographic records and / or stills pictures taken from different videos uploaded to youtube (mostly anonymous source) rallies and public demonstrations supporting the Popular Unity Government in the streets of Chile (UP). These three images presented in a continuous loop about 3 minutes – as if it were a continuous dusk and dawn – clearing each to become white light just like a photo overexposed and burned, and then come back to blacken image progressively flooding the room complete darkness.
This anonymous crowd immersed in a march, condenses the collective progress desire crossing times, as contingent as it is today for example Los Indignados at any point on the globe. In short, the sound of utopias staged in a melody of Latin American history and universal.
As background music include the sound of the music box with the International theme is heard in the video, and sound blends with the fan inside the swivel mechanism of the Tower.
This projection is fused with the shadow of the Tower and to reach this light appear white, this shade appears alone with her movement as to what happens now in the Gallery Tajamar veil of its rear wall.