Electroacustic music

» Electroacoustic music is an expression that uses various technological means such as audio recording, sound synthesis , signal processing , algorithmic composition and sound reproduction , both analogue and digital. Such procedures can be performed on a delayed or in real time , ie a fixed media (tape , CD, hard drive) or generated live during the execution of a work, which typically uses special systems to generate a spatial speakers which is part of the composition.
The following types of electronic music :
1. acousmatics
Music composed with electroacoustic and fixed on a support ( tape , CD , digital memory ) . Is played through loudspeakers . Interpreter lacks in the traditional sense but is considered as such the charge of spatial diffusion .
2 . mixed
It has both a part electroacoustic exclusively made ​​with a part for traditional acoustic instruments , voice or both. It can be a material instrumental performance with prefetch support , instrumental performance with electronic processing of sound or interactive music . There is mixed music to non-traditional instruments from different cultures of the West.
3 . Live Electronics (Live Electronics)
Generated by electronic means concert situation ( synthesizers , computers or other devices ) executed by performers on stage . Can also be interactive .
4 . interactive
The acoustic musicians or electronic interfaces interact with computers turn automatic layout programs running in real time. The computer system reacts to the sound generating human performance according to various parameters of this implementation and within preset limits by the developer (which usually is the composer )
But key to all of this music is to have the same sound as expressive resources center , using all possible sounds , as well as the transformations that technology can make on them , especially in terms of its spectral composition ( frequency content ) and its actual or virtual position in the internal space of a recording and / or reproduction and external execution. »
Alejandro Albornoz / composer and sound artist
» More than fifty years have passed since Schidlowsky compose Leon Birth , the first Chilean electroacoustic work . Fifty years of history often unknown , composed of some resounding successes , sometimes truncated developments and quite expressive silences . Electroacoustic music Chile has had a pendulum development : moments of great passion and interest has happened to almost absolute ignorance , and vice versa. despite half a century of history in the country, and anything else in the world, it seems that the scope and possibilities of electroacoustic music , or rather the concept that underlies it ( the technology applied to music, in this case more precisely , computer music ) are not in our area yet sufficiently analyzed, understood and projected as the current and future music production . »
Federico Schumacher / Composer and researcher
The Musical Digital Analog Computer Asuar ( COMDASUAR ) is a musical instrument created in 1977 , based on previous research from the 1950s , by musician and engineer José Vicente Asuar , one of the pioneers of electronic music in Chile and the world . Unique in its time, this instrument allowed to be used as a compositional tool and instrument in real time , with a sequencer, score editor , a tool for algorithmic composition and sound synthesis program digital and analog processing unit and enrichment of the signal at the same level as that developed in the U.S. computer and Europe in the same period. This appears as an important milestone in the history and context of the relationship between art, science and technology in Chile , an example of scientific research in line with the music .
» Do not forget that the computer is but an extension of the human being , who is ultimately the one making the big decisions and gives guidance and significance of what can be done with these means .» José Vicente Asuar , 1979 .
» The piano or violin are instruments as artificial as a computer » . José Vicente Asuar , 2010 .