Yona Friedman

yonaFriedman’s work encompasses urban models, theoretical texts, animated films. He has participated in numerous art biennials (Shanghai, Venice, etc..) And also in 2002 documenta 11 in Kassel, where exposed Designs. In 1958 he published the manifesto L’Architecture Mobile, which is in turn the founding document of the «Groupe d’étude d’architecture mobile (GEAM)». Develop urban spatial concepts as «La Ville Spatiale». The ideas of these manifests were visionary and ahead of his time, the megastructures on existing cities, where citizens could reconfigure their future life flexibly, occupied several generations of architects and planners. Together with Ionel Schein, Walter Jonas and others, founded in 1965 the «Groupe International d’Architecture Prospective» (GIAP).
Piece: Improvised Prototype «cloud» like.
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