Vera Molnar


Vera Molnar, a French artist, was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1924. After viewing an uncle’s painting of woodland nymphs at the age of 12, she decided to become a painter. Even at a young age, she began to develop systematic ways of creating art. Barbara Nierhoff’s biography of Vera Molnar relates an interesting example. Each night before bed, Molnar would draw a lake she could see from her bedroom window with only five colors: green for the grass along the lakeshore, blue for the lake, brown for the mountains, blue for the sky above the mountains, and orange for the setting sun. After creating a number of these images, she was no longer satisfied with the results. She then decided to use the respectively adjacent color instead. In 1947, she graduated as a Professor of Art History and Aesthetics from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. As can be seen in sketches of Molnar’s from 1946, her uncle’s trees have been abstracted into geometric shapes, a theme that remains in her current work. After graduating, she completed an artists′ fellowship in Rome at the Villa Julia then moved to Paris where she has been making art ever since.