Rodrigo Araya

Rodrigo Araya Yáñez, 1983.
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile.
Their work shows a marked concern for the intersection of different disciplines and media, visible both in research conducted in the context of the visual arts as in projects related to the field of Music. This constant oscillation between disciplines and media has allowed me to strengthen the articulation of an aesthetic that weaves elements, caused by reflections based on a vision that resists the dispersal of resources and specialization imposed by the fragmentation of cultural developments.
Through continuous historical references to the music, art, design and science, is that my work observes and investigates the concepts of hybridization and sedimentation organization, so too, the influence of these concepts in models that support and determine the fragile articulation between individual consciousness and reality in culture.
In all these cases the projects have taken a keen interest in issues related to the idea extended object and design, from the study and the organization of formal references, chances construction materials and their effects on the subjectivities as tools of cognition.