Olga Mesa

Olga Mesa worked as a performer and choreographer with Bocanada group until she moved to New York in 1984, where she produced her first short choreographies. In 1994 she premiered her first show in Madrid. Her interest in video, visual arts and interdisciplinary collaboration was manifested in the production of the first period,  which includes, this is not my body (1995), a «single company», which marks a flashpoint production in their nineties. At the end of this decade, her interests were drifting toward a concern for the sight and observation, marked by the cinephile, who found in the white spaces instead a place of development. In this new stage she produced Daisy Planet (2000), more public, more private (2001) and Suite au dernier mot (tout est au fond surface) (2003). She is currently a resident artist at Pôle Sud (Strasbourg, France)