Nicolas Grum

Bachelor of Arts PUC. lives and works in Santiago, most of the time.
He has exhibited in museums and galleries in and outside the country.
Among his works:  Decorative Line (2001), My name is football (2003), The Body (2005), The Great Leap 2006 (Santiago) 2007 (Beijing), Daniel Lopez (2007). Among his solo exhibitions include, not as young or as Promise (2008) and A Remote Country (2011).
Between 2009 and 2010 participated in the Beijing 798 Biennale and the Earthquake in Chile shows, curated by Fernando Castro Flores, for the Triennial of Chile. During the same period makes a home in Kiosk Gallery, Santa Cruz, and ISCP, New York.
Among the joint projects in which he has participated include, Circuits and Santiago’s manifesto, cured by Philippe Van Cauteren; Transformer, curated by Mario Navarro Pocket Utopias, curated by Alberto Madrid and Visionaries project, curated by Jorge the Ferla.
Among its working groups are the collaborations with Hilda Yañez and nomad-territorial investigations Artists in Latin America, along with other artists from the region, with whom he has worked in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Medellin and promptly La Paz.
Since the year 2012 is mostly doomed to Bolichipe project, with Isabel Torres.