Millaray Lobos

cara lavada pelo suelto
Actress graduate of the University of Chile with studies at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Paris and the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle.
During the past 12 years has lived in France, working as an actress and artistic collaborator in various centers and National Theatres of Drama in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria. Since 2008 he has also participated in projects in Chile, starting a two-stage residence, particularly as a teacher working in the piece of the Memory Theater, directed by Alfredo Castro, with the company’s boiler, directed by Alexis Moreno and Alexandra Von Hummel and procedural investigations with other creators. Prior to this period, was a member creator of the Son Theatre Company, with Alejandro Moreno, Manuela Oyarzun, Benjamían Vicuña and Paula Bravo. While still a student, she also worked as an actress with directors like Verónica García Huidobro, María Izquierdo, Paulina Garcia and Rodrigo Pérez, among others. In chair was a student of Fernando Gonzales, Alfredo Castro, Ramon Griffero and Rodrigo Perez, among others. Since 2012 lives and works in Chile conducting research seminars at the Center for Memory Research and Theatre School in the Universidad Mayor, as Professor of Management and Analysis of cultural problems within this century. In those instances, the teaching is more a movement of knowing that an arrest. The interest is to generate reflections around common knowledge surveys becoming more than an importing capital, the ignorance to knowledge. Currently also working on collaborations with the artistic and pedagogical School Théâtre Nationale de Bretagne, France.