MICH (International Museum of Chile)

MICH is an Art collective whose members come from different areas of knowledge, who are dedicated to creating spaces of art, artistic creations and web platform critical and reflective thinking. Conceived by Chilean artists Christian Alvarez, Simon Catalan, Felipe Contreras, Alexis Llerena, Pilar Quinteros, Sebastian Riffo and Hector Vergara.
It is based on the premises of a precarious workshop in Irarrázaval Avenue 688-A, on July 30, 2010 in Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile. They shared neighborhood with many automotive, gas stations, bars, cabarets, hardware stores, restaurants, hairdressers and cures. Under that context its artistic thought, all imbued by the steady flow of daily life.
Today, the art collective MICH meets in Av. Carlos Larraín course in 1981, Apartment 1, from where projected their curatorial experiments and exercises, both within and outside the country. Also, this place has a yearly calendar of art exhibitions and music events.
«An Eskimo with a white fox hunt just. Images of Chile «(2013): Latin American Gallery of the House of the Americas (Havana, Cuba),» Earthquakes «(2012): Young Neighborhood ArteBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina),» Show «(2012): Deus average ex 10 Biennial of Video and media Art (BVAM), Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Forest Park (Santiago, Chile), «Chile Draw Retrospective» (2011) Live at the Plaza Library Vespucci (Santiago, Chile); «Collective MICH in Gallery Pirate «(2010): Gallery Pirate (Santiago, Chile).»
MICH’s Dossier