Matthew Neary

Matthew N
Matthew Neary Sermini (1987). Lives and works in Santiago de Chile.
Bachelor of Communication Studies, UNIACC (2006-2008). Diploma in Still Photography (2008) and graduate (BA processed) Art at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2009-2012). He is currently assistant professor Valentina Video Workshop Serrati in the Faculty of Arts of the PUC.
His work is framed in the production of meaning systems that integrate the viewer as an active subject in the production of senses and meanings. In the production of both objects, images or installations through the use of illustration, text, photographs, video or direct appropriation of resources on the web, there is a work closer to the figure of the programmer than the producer. This methodology defines a displacement and restructurings preceded by a «case study» on the context, situation or specific idea to produce an interval where questioning the form itself in which the parties meant or acquire cohesion according to the story individual and / or cultural site viewer. These practices are guided by a principle that emphasizes the study of symbolic production processes in the formation of identity in cultural and individual.
He has participated in group exhibitions and art fairs both nationally and internationally. Among them is the traveling exhibition «Jewels of the Apocalypse» 2011-2012 (Lima, Peru. La Paz, Bolivia. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Santiago, Chile. Their participation in the exhibition «Museum of the Resistance» Urgent 2011-2012 Paradise Gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland and Pilot Gallery, Santiago de Chile. in Chile «fewer lumens» Factory Italy, 2012. «Work in utopia: UNCTAD III oxides» MACCHINA Gallery, 2012. «New new Americas» Oops Space !, 2012. «Trip Logs» Centro Cultural Las Condes, 2012. «Gold» Acuadrado Gallery, 2013 and «Spolier» AFA Gallery, August 2013.Entre mentions is his second in «Catholic University Art Competition: Art, Continuing education «in November 2008. Digital Photography. Jury Coach: Roberto Jesus Fariol Gispert, Doctor of the UP of Valencia in Fine Arts. Ephraim Telias Alejandro Gutierrez, Doctor of UP Fine Arts in Valencia. Luis Arturo Hevia Salazar, Darts Maitrise Plàstiques, UPI Panthéon Sorbonne. third place in the «Multiple Interactions» 250 years Faber-Castell 2011.