Geraldine MacKinnon

Artist and Naturalist, Chile.
Studied Fine Arts and Education at Universidad Católica de Chile. Has worked as an Art Teacher at several schools in Chile, and also as a field photographer for archaeological research in Easter Island.
Today Geraldine works as a scientific illustrator in Chile, getting comissions from theNatural History Museum and for a wide range of publications and private collectors. She has worked for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh as an Artist in Residence and also teaches botanical art, and produces her own artwork. She has recently become a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, ASBA.
Today she is in charge of the RBGE Certificate in Botanical Illustration in Chile (housed at the Institute of Geography, Universidad Católica).
My aim is to use the techniques and aesthetics of Scientific Naturalism as a visual language to produce images based on the close observation of the contemporary landscapes of my country and the places I visit. I also have an interest for the role that female naturalists have played in the development of this discipline, and most of all, to uncover the thin line that separates art from science”.