Dynamo Studio

Dynamo Studio began to form as a group in May 2012, but its origins comes from much earlier. Until this day six of the eight members have worked in museum projects, three of them with more than seven years of experience in the field and two even in a museum. The point of convergence of all was the Mirador Interactive Museum, where since 2004 began to form a team that museum was expanded, becoming in 2011 and 2012 a team of 12 people.
The continuous search for new and better tools for the optimal development and design of exhibition projects, led to the specialization in different areas, such as education and communication of museums, lighting concepts and museological management environments, and learning tools programming and electronics.
At one point in the development MIM spaces left dimensioning, and individual creative concerns were increasing, which naturally and also somewhat magical, who reconvened at one time or another had worked together in the museum along the more than 10 exhibition projects that were made within a span of almost eight years.
Thus was conceived this group that brings together the original team and new people, the field of art, history, engineering and electronics, in which before anything is a group of friends with a common passion looking space and time to play, try to invent and realize ideas.