Indefinite Planetarium

Indefinite Planetarium is a facility that intends to expand symbolic experimentally and planetary concept through disciplinary approaches that do not connect directly to astronomy but it may converge expanding readings and reflections, covering ignored aspects of intuitive knowledge or which are usually taken as mere vehicles for the intentions of this science. The Planetarium is a space Indefinite visual and sound immersion, which simultaneously invites viewers to tour the facility and build their expertise in cross-organization of information.
One of the main concerns is the installation through reflection on the development of observation (vision and hearing) using materials and equipment that expand the capabilities of perception. Technologies such as telescopes and antennas are responsible for setting the access, knowledge and control of distant realities, articulating bridges around all that is usually invisible / visible. To install this interest is based on the possibility of an aesthetic exploration with attention to dark places-which is beyond our perception, with the intent to understand the issues and implications that these sites represent abstract on individuals and hence on the local social and political context. Incidentally this allows ask questions about the motives behind the desire to study and bring him before us as distant, utopian and concrete relations with science fiction, the exotic, and capitalization colonization of new territories. Under these ideas indefinite Planetarium intended as an instance to observe and experience-if possible-the mysterious and seemingly inaccessible spaces that quietly shape the material world and our imagination.
Indefinite Planetarium is a brief compilation of work carried out over two years on political expansions, imaginary and symbolic associated with astronomy in our context, its scope as an icon of technology implementation processes in the hyper-accelerated development Chile’s economic and political, as well, is a question about the motivations and qualities that have turned science efforts to establish these territorial boundaries as one of the main points to try to expand the boundaries of the known.

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